DB Tactical LLC

Veteran Owned & Operated

Services Offered

Custom Carry Glocks (Your Glock)

Full Race Glocks (Your Glock)

Slide Plating & Engraving

     Your Name, Company Name, and/or Logo

     Can be Gold Filled, Great for presentation

     Gun to retiring CEO's or Presidents

     Glock Slides refinished and highly polished

Grip reduction and Stippling


    KKM & Bar-Sto

     Glock  Barrels refinished & Highly Polished

     Barrels also can be engraved

Trigger Enhancement

     3.5 lb connector and Spring

     Complete Zev Fulcrum Trigger Kit

     adjustable for over travel & pre travel

     trigger pull weight adjustable 2-6 lbs.


     Full line sold and Installed

Competition Magwells